The essential tool to auction information

We started with a simple idea - that every person should have access to the same information as art institutions. We've been working day and night ever since to make that possible. We're dedicated to adding new, innovative ways to simplify and streamline the world of art, because we believe that transparency won't only help enthusiasts, but also professionals as well as the market.

Buying and selling sound like simple things - and they should be: even for fine art. Somewhere along the way, they got complicated. We're working hard to make buying art easier for everyone.

Auction Club provides art enthusiasts and professionals with the tools they need to keep track of the market and make better investments.

Let's talk about Auction Club

Auction Club is an information resource platform that gives users the ability to research historic price and lot history information across multiple auction houses and gives art professionals an advantage to exhaustive upcoming auction information and advanced analytics.

Auction Club is the first platform that gives art lovers and professionals what they deserve. It gives you high quality auction results, exhaustive worldwide coverage of upcoming auctions and advanced analytics. We use the best concepts in usability and internet technology to give you the best information possible in the most user friendly way. We do not perform any price or market predictions, we just give you all the necessary information in an understandable format. Auction information - done right.

Building our solutions is definitely a mountain to climb. For this we work together with experts from various fields, and as important, with a common passion for art. This includes art professionals, IT experts, product designers, economists and even mathematicians.

Auction Club gives you access to an exhaustive database of historic auction results - this way you can compare details and prices of similar work auctioned in the last decades. We also give you exponentially more buying opportunities by comparing artwork from over 3,000 auction houses worldwide, giving our members access to below-market price works hidden at some of the smaller auction houses. Additionally, we have developed advanced analytics of historic auction results which are available in a fully customizable interface.

Auction Club offers an unlimited 30 day free trial – no credit card required. When ready, you can activate your subscription for $29 per month billed monthly, or $25 per month billed annually.

Of course. You can sign up directly for a 30 day free trial – no credit card required by going to our registration page.