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After Andrea Mantegna

Italian, 1431 1506

The Triumph Of Julius Caesar

AFTER ANDREA MANTEGNA (CIRCA 1431-1506) BY ANDREA ANDREANI (1558/59-1629) The Triumph of Julius Caesar the complete set of nine chiaroscuro woodcuts and the rare frontispiece, circa 1598, on heavy laid paper without watermarks, fine to good impressions, printed from four blocks, seven plates and the frontispiece printed in black or dark brown, two shades of grey and mushroom, and two plates (B. 2 & 6) printed in black, grey and two shades of ochre, B. 3 with half of the separately printed pilaster at left, most plates printing sharply and with considerable gaufrage, generally trimmed to or just outside the borderlines, some plates with backed tears or smaller defects, B. 2 & 6 laid down, generally in good condition, each framed Block & Sheet 370 x 370 mm. (and similar) (10)

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