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Hans Sebald Beham

German, 1500 1550

A Small Collection

HANS SEBALD BEHAM (1500-1550) A small Collection comprising nine engravings, including The Virgin with the Pear, 1520, a very good impression, with thread margins; Christ and the Woman of Samaria, circa 1520, a good impression of an intermediate state between the second and third state, trimmed to the subject; Saint Sebald, 1521, a very good, slightly tonal impression of the second, final state, trimmed to the platemark; Christ on the Globe, 1546, a good impression of the fourth state (of six), trimmed to the platemark; The Prodigal Son wasting his Fortune, 1540, a good impression of the third state (of five), with small margins, a collection stamp showing through recto; The Return of the Prodigal Son, 1540, a very good impression of the second state (of four), trimmed outside the borderline; Philip and Jack the Elder & Simon and Thaddaeus, from: Christ and the Twelve Apostles, 1520, both good impressions, the latter with a couple of foxmarks, with narrow margins; and Saint Bartholomew, 1545, a very good impression, with small margins; all on laid paper, without watermarks, generally in good condition Sheets 122 x 100 mm. (and smaller) (8)9

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